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Thanks to the team at for getting in touch after reading The Power of Wind for a Greener New York. Take a look at this great infograph they made which explains how wind turbines work.

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Ethical Coffee In NYC

Photo courtesy of Birch Coffee

For many people, the only thing that will get them going in the morning is a cup of coffee. Knowing that the coffee is ethically sourced and eco-friendly should give drinkers an added boost. Drinking Fair Trade and organic coffee means that farmers are compensated fairly and your coffee is free of harmful chemicals, and bird-friendly certification ensures that farmers are maintaining forest covers which house local bird species, provide shelter for migrating birds, and encourage reproduction. In order to obtain bird-friendly certification, farmers must maintain a variety of shade trees throughout their plantation, which protect […]

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Community Supported Agriculture in NYC

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CSAs, or Community Supported Agriculture groups, are an increasingly popular way to get farm-fresh, organic produce in NYC. When you join a CSA, you pay in advance for a season’s worth of products which include fruits, vegetables, and sometimes dairy and/or meat from a specific farm. Your membership fee supports the farm in buying tools, fertilizers, and necessary equipment for the growth season. Depending on your arrangement with the farm, you can pick up a weekly, biweekly, or monthly selection of produce from a designated drop-off point in your neighborhood. […]

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New York’s New Breed of Cabs


In the last few years, the city’s iconic yellow cabs have had to make way for a new breed of car service. Mobile ride hailing and ridesharing services like Uber, Gett, and Lyft, that allow users to hail a cab via smartphone, have faced fierce opposition from yellow cab drivers, advocates and labor groups, and have been criticized as irresponsible and dangerous. Unlike yellow cab drivers, the new breed of cabby doesn’t need a medallion, and uses her/his own car. Drivers are considered independent contractors in most cases, which has shielded […]

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We Stay/Nos Quedamos: A Non-Profit Working to Revitalize the South Bronx

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As the Bronx becomes increasingly appealing to developers and home buyers, many are understandably concerned about what that means for the mostly low-income community that lives there now. Nos Quedamos, a non-profit formed by a coalition of Bronx residents and business owners, has been advocating for low-income families in the South Bronx since the early 1990s, and has taken steps to make sure the existing community is included in plans for development rather than displaced as a result. In 1992, the Melrose Urban Commons Renewal Area, a 30-block area in the […]

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New Rental listing: 112 Franklin Street, Penthouse


Exquisite designer Loft in the heart of Tribeca. When entering this immaculate apartment you are instantly transported to a home that could just as easily be in the Hamptons or Cape Cod. Soaring 13 to 16 foot ceilings give an air of the dramatic whilst a roaring fireplace lends a hint of romance. You can easily see the fine craftsmanship in the wainscoting, custom doors and cabinets. A library sits off the main living area and could easily be used as guest room or den. Everything is of the finest […]

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Sustainable Business Spotlight: Algramo


A company based in Santiago, Chile is revolutionizing the way we package, distribute, and buy our staple foods. Algramo, (Spanish for 1 gram), was founded by José Manuel Moller in 2012 after a period of time spent living and working in one of Chile’s poorest communities. Moller realized that much of the cost attached to the food we buy is the result of a convoluted means of distribution and a general lack of access to food in bulk. The increase in cost amounts to a “poverty tax” as people with low incomes and […]

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New Federal Regulations on Real Estate Purchases Effective March 1st

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Following disclosure requirements put in place by the city in May 2015, the U.S. Treasury Department has announced that they will begin tracking real estate purchases made in Manhattan through shell companies. Shell corporations, or companies with little or no nominal assets, have been used to purchase luxury real estate in New York without revealing the identity of the buyers. Since shell companies can be registered in the names of accountants, lawyers, and other related parties, purchases made by these companies are often difficult to trace to the actual beneficiary. However, […]

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Tesla: A Lot has Happened in the Last Year

Photo courtesy of Tesla Motors

Since I last wrote about the unveiling of the Powerwall Home Battery in May, a lot has happened over at Tesla. Shortly after an April Fool’s Day press release poking fun at recent smartwatch announcements from competitors, Tesla introduced the Model S 70D, an all-wheel drive car with a 250 mile range at 65mph. With a starting price of $75,000, the 70D is a slightly more affordable version of the Model S for those who don’t wish to give up features such as access to Tesla’s Supercharger network (which, by the way, […]

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How Tech is Changing Food Production

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According to The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, there are 795 million people worldwide who don’t have adequate access to food and proper nutrition. One of the major causes of hunger is the increasing drought, flooding, and changes in weather patterns due to global warming. Sub-Saharan Africa, especially the countries of Somalia, Ethopia, Kenya, and Uganda, have been hit particularly hard by food shortages in recent years. As the human population continues to grow, we can only expect to feel more pressure on the food supply. By 2050, we will need […]

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New Sales Listing: 250 West Street, #10C


Sunset views over the Hudson River in Tribeca. It doesn’t get better than this. You enter a massive loft-like living room with 10 foot high ceilings, seeing the ships sail by down below, pour yourself a glass of wine and take in the unsurpassed views. This is luxury living in New York at it’s finest. An owner’s suite with en-suite spa like bath and a huge custom designed walk in closet. A fantastic guest quarter with en-suite bath and walk in closet. And all this with the same gorgeous water […]

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Eco-Friendly Flower Shops for Valentine’s Day


Giving flowers for Valentine’s Day dates back to the Victorian era, when sending flowers became a popular method of communication. The rose, which signifies romantic love, became the traditional Valentine’s Day flower, though people would give other flowers to show familial love or friendship. To this day, nearly half of Americans who celebrate Valentine’s Day give flowers as a gift. However, the fresh-cut flowers found in flower shops, especially during the winter, are not always eco-friendly. They tend to be treated with carcinogenic pesticides, grown with energy-inefficient artificial heat and lighting, cared […]

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Passive Houses Around the World

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It’s been nearly a year since the launch of my blog and my first article about the Passive House/Passivhaus building standard, which makes it a good time to take a look at some notable projects around the world. In review, the concept of the Passivhaus (German) was born in 1988 during a conversation between two researchers, Bo Adamson and Wolfgang Feist. They discussed the ways in which new technology and design which worked in concert with their environment could be used to drastically reduce energy consumption and minimize a structure’s carbon footprint. While […]

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The Perennial: A New Standard in Sustainable Dining

the perennial 2

San Francisco is now home to The Perennial, a new leader in sustainable dining that was just written up by Fast Company. Every element of the business has been created with sustainable living in mind. The grains used to make the flour for the bread were designed to suck carbon out of the atmosphere, and the food scraps are composted by worms that are later fed to fish that create fertilizer used for the greens that are served in the restaurant. Read about this inspiring restaurant founded by restaurateurs Anthony […]

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