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Thank you to Social Life Magazine for featuring me in the July 4th, 2014 magazine related to the Make it Right 2014 Gala.

Social Life Magazine, July 4, 2014
By Jacob Puck

TOWN Residential is recognized as a leading force in the luxury niche of New York City real estate. With an innovative approach, experienced leadership, and best-in-class reputation, TOWN’s market-making success is unparalleled.

TOWN is also a company based on a culture of care. For those philanthropic individuals who prefer to work with like-minded businesses, here’s a tip:  Representatives and executives from TOWN recently volunteered in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans as part of their affiliation with Make It Right, the organization founded in 2007 by Brad Pitt to rebuild communities in need, using energy and cost-efficient design pioneered by the foremost sustainability architect, William McDonough, in collaboration with a team of world renowned architects.

In addition to its team’s volunteer efforts, TOWN was the premiere sponsor of Community Day, part of Make It’s Right’s 2014 gala celebration, and provides ongoing support with 10 brokers pledging a significant donation from their commissions to become TOWN ambassadors for Make It Right.

This year’s ambassador alliance includes: Bo PoulsenJason KaradusBrett MilesMitchell CashwellSteve GoldLyon PorterGinger BrokawRoberto CabreraDennis CusackDanny DavisAndrew AzoulayAnthony Serino and Wendy Maitland.

We wanted to know more about this important collaboration and recently caught up with some of the TOWN ambassadors.

Jacob Puck: What made you want to get involved with Make It Right?

Ginger Brokaw, licensed associate real estate broker:

“I was completely moved by Make It Right’s proactive work in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. A terrible event was turned into a constructive movement, which taught us how to improve people’s living conditions in a way that now can be applied on a global scale. Devastation can happen to anyone, at any time. When I see any type of misfortune that disrupts the life of an individual or family, I immediately ask myself: ‘How can I help?’”

Dennis Cusack, managing director at TOWN Fifth Avenue:

“I spend my workday helping to negotiate deals for luxury real estate. While I appreciate my job and the opportunity to view some of the world’s most spectacular real estate, only a fraction of the U.S. can afford such property. There clearly is a great need for affordable, sustainable housing. When I saw the designs for the MIR houses, I was instantly drawn.”

JP: How does the Make It Right mission align with your passion for philanthropy and your work as a real estate professional? 

Jason Karadus, licensed associate real estate broker:

“Housing is a huge part of my daily life and my passion. Any organization whose focus is providing housing for everyone is one I’d like to be part of and contribute to.”

Roberto Cabrera, licensed associate real estate broker:

“I understand the importance of housing to a family’s well-being. MIR’s approach to sharing knowledge on energy efficiency and cradle-to-cradle design has educated me, while simultaneously allowing me to make an immediate contribution to those under their umbrella.”

JP: How do you hope to make a difference with ‘Make It Right’ in NYC? 

Bo Poulsen, licensed real estate salesperson:

“We are looking to build on Make It Right’s success by replicating it here. We’re experiencing a building boom; we plan to approach new development colleagues to assist in reusing their leftover materials to support new home construction in Sandy-ravaged areas like Breezy Point. We can examine quality modular housing to support affordable, sustainable, healthy housing in New York.”

JP: Do you have a favorite event or memory from your involvement with ‘Make It Right’?

Danny Davis, licensed real estate salesperson:

“There are so many memories from this incredible opportunity to give back. Working on the actual MIR house we sponsored was the most invigorating and emotionally fulfilling. Then, standing on stage with Sandra Bullock and Brad Pitt at the gala, joined by TOWN’s president of sales, Wendy Maitland, and being presented with the keys to a BMW i3 which our team won at auction, was a surreal moment. We look forward to participating with Make It Right again in the near future, where we hope to pay forward this good fortune and raise further awareness for this wonderful organization.”

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