Ditmas Park – A Neighborhood Unto Itself

As you now may know, my wife and I have recently purchased a home in Ditmas Park, a neighborhood in the center of Brooklyn on the southeast border of Prospect Park.  Over the course of the next year, I will be sharing our experience of converting the home into a passive house – should be an interesting project – but for now I’d like to introduce you to this beautiful neighborhood filled with turn-of-the-century, single-family Colonial Revival, Tudor Revival, Bungalow, and Victorian homes that make you feel like you’re miles away from New York City.

Ditmas Park Historic District // Image Courtesy of New York Times

At the beginning of the 20th century, most of the Ditmas Park area was owned by the Dutch Van Ditmarsen family who had farmed the land since the 1600s. In 1902 the land was purchased and developed by realtor Lewis H. Pounds who was intent on building a suburban community with an emphasis on single family properties that had front and back yards filled with trees.  Pounds ensured that maple trees, tulip trees, and linden trees were planted along the streets as soon as development broke ground in 1902, and these same trees line the sidewalks all over the neighborhood today.  Most of the homes in the area were built between 1902-1940.  In 1981 a section of the neighborhood was declared a historic district. Today the median price for housing in Ditmas Park is just under $1.4M and 1 bedrooms in the area rent for about $1500+ monthly.

Bungalow Craftsman House, Ditmas Park / Image courtesy of Google Maps

Bungalow Craftsman House, Ditmas Park / Image courtesy of Google Maps

Victorian House, Ditmas Park / Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Victorian House, Ditmas Park / Image courtesy of Wikipedia

There’s a lot more to Ditmas Park than just the homes, though. Prospect Park is within walking distance and there is quite a bit happening on and around Cortelyou Road, the main strip, including a great restaurant scene, coffee shops, a food coop, and lots of bars with nice craft beers.  Some popular choices in the area include The Farm on Adderley, Brooklyn Belly, Wheated, and Cortelyou Craft Beer.  To get a great cup of coffee and pastry check out Milk and Honey or Café Madeline.  One of my favorite “hidden” gems is the newly restored Loew’s King Theater on Flatbush Avenue which was built in 1929 and was closed for nearly 37 years. After a $95M renovation, it just reopened in January and is quite spectacular.

It’s easy to get to Ditmas Park; The B and Q trains have several stops in the neighborhood and it only takes about 40 minutes into Midtown. Once the house is up and running and we’re ready to move in, we hope you’ll come visit us! We’d be happy to give you a tour of the neighborhood anytime, or check out Time Out’s self guided walking tour for a great peek into my soon-to-be neighborhood.

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