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Blu Homes Prefabricated Homes (Style: Breezehouse)

Last Sunday was a beautiful day in the city. I managed to take the day off and head over to the Architectural Digest Expo on the Hudson River to see the latest trends in Home design. Was great to see my friends from Blu Homes back this year representing their eco-friendly prefab homes. Am hoping to have an opportunity to work with them in the city soon as I see great potential in what they are doing. Unfortunately there was little new in terms of sustainable design and energy efficiency at the show this year. Couple of standouts were the reclaimed wood stick-on panels from stikwood which now allow anyone to easily turn their home into a log cabin or just give it that rustic accent. And the second one speaks mostly to New Yorkers’ feud with their Miele ventless dryers. Blomberg has a new ventless dryer system that saves 50% in energy costs and for once actually works. Also quick note for those with a little more space but still no way to vent… there is no equal on the market today to the Whirlpool.

Aga Stove

Aga Stove

This year’s show was all about about two directions: retro and convenience through technology. I’ve always loved the old Aga stoves and now everyone is copying the retro look. The old- school kitchen with large pantries and robust details is also back in style. One of my favorites from the restaurant to home appliances was the wine dispenser from Dacor, if you love wine like I do this becomes a serious consideration for the home.

I don’t think I’m really sold on the new info/internet/app panels that are being integrated into the appliances because it’s just not attractive. Although turning on the oven remotely on the way home from work does have its appeal.

The biggest standout of the show though,  melding great design with technology was Jennairs new Obsidian Refrigerator. This fridge is just sexy! Black interior with clean lines, LED side lighting and industrial steel panels, there’s no other fridge like this when the doors open up.

My wife will be quite upset if this isn’t in the new home.

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