Congratulations to Marianne Hyde, Winner of the April Real Estate Quiz

Bo Poulsen Real Estate Quiz Prospect Park Map

1868 Vaux and Olmstead Map of Prospect Park, Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The winner of the April real estate quiz is Marianne Hyde.  An architect here in NYC, Marianne is excited about having won a one year Citi Bike membership because she uses Citi Bike to travel around the city visiting job sites, picking up her kids from school, and doing just about everything else! Her firm ZH Architects, which she runs with her husband Stas Zakrzewski, has a varied portfolio of projects ranging from single family homes to new mixed use condominiums, the common link being an obsession with beautiful modern detailing and sustainable building practices. 

Check out her firm at ZH Architects and look for her on a Citi Bike around town!

The question was:  How long is Prospect Park’s bike loop and who designed the Park?

And the answer Marianne gave was not only correct, but very thorough: The sidewalk/perimeter loop is 3.75 miles and the designer was Olmstead and Vaux (and at the time, the park was considered even more successful than Central Park).

Thank you to all of you who submitted your responses.

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