Turn Gallery Exhibit: Paper Garden, Works by Sue Heatley


Friday night I checked out Turn Gallery‘s latest exhibit, Paper Garden by Sue Heatley.  Sue Heatley is a Hamptons-based pattern maker who works with Sekishu paper to make linocuts such as the one above.  Her work has been featured in Hamptons Cottages and Gardens, Beach Magazine, and Dan’s Papers among many others, and has been displayed at Estée Lauder Companies, The United States Department of State, and Virginia Commonwealth University (also among many others).

The exhibit features about two dozen of her works and runs through June 14th.

Turn Gallery is run by Annika Peterson and is one of my favorite galleries in the city. Located on East 1st Street , the space features super high quality art and photography exhibitions, such as the recent Gosta Peterson show which had such demand that the exhibit was extended for several weeks.  There is also a tree-covered garden in the back, a perfect place to talk about the art while getting fresh air.

Gosta Peterson show at Turn Gallery

Gosta Peterson show at Turn Gallery


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