Tesla Unveils Powerwall Home Battery

I have been watching Elon Musk and Tesla for years and I feel truly optimistic about how Tesla and Solar City will change the world of energy as we know it.  Yesterday was the long awaited unveiling of the Tesla Powerwall in an event powered completely by solar-charged batteries. I just ordered mine for my Ditmas Park Passive house.

Costs for the Powerwall came in much lower than experts predicted: prices range between $3000 (7 kWh) – $3500 (10 kWh).  The home battery can either be connected to solar panels or connected to the grid.  If connected to solar panels, the battery creates a reserve of energy to power a home during the evening.  The larger battery will have enough reserve to run several home appliances for days in case of an outage.  If not connected to solar panels, the battery can be used to power a home during the day by being connected to the grid and charged up every night, when the cost for electricity is lower.  The battery can be hung on a wall indoors or outdoors, is about 220 lbs, and has a 10 year warranty. Musk also unveiled the streamlined Powerpack, a commercial and utility-scale battery that is “infinitely scalable,” according to Musk.  Preorders are happening now and the Powerwall comes in various colors.  Delivery of batteries will begin in the summer. Reserve yours on the Tesla website.


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